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Bahia Hotel Wedding | Heather & Kevin

Our first Bahia Hotel wedding in San Diego’s Mission Bay brought back a lot of memories for me. It was a new venue for us, but that particular area of Mission Bay had always been a favorite spot of mine as a kid. My mom and I came to the bay a lot when I was young, and I think we both appreciated the peaceful nature of it. The other distinct possibility is you really don’t have to worry much about being smashed by waves or dragged out to sea by a strong current. If your kid can swim, the danger factor is pretty low here. The second major memory trigger for me that day was the bride herself, who I met in the 4th grade. That’s right, the 4th grade! To further compound this story my mom was her teacher that year I met her, back in nineteen eighty… oh nevermind. It was awhile ago.

Heather was a neat kid growing up, she was one of few kids I knew who I don’t recall ever having any major conflicts with. This isn’t to say that I was often pulling out hair or doing much time in detention, but getting along with girls wasn’t always a given. Our social circles always overlapped a bit in both middle and high school, and she was someone I liked and respected. She’s smart, and has a dry sense of humor not unlike my own. She’s not my first Helix High alumni wedding, but she’s my first childhood friend wedding. It’s a bit of a surreal experience. Right before she walked down the aisle I said to her, “we’ve come a long way since the 4th grade.” Yep, life is weird like that.

In a way I feel like this wedding was sort of the homecoming experience I needed, a major full circle in my own life. And for Heather and Kevin it was everything a wedding should be- a celebration of their past lives as individuals, the path that led them together as a couple, and their future lives as partners.
– Josh

Accommodations | Bahia Resort Hotel
DJ | Party Pam
Cake | Flour Power
Caterer | Bahia Resort Hotel
Celebrant | John Hoffman
Floral | Kathy Wright & Co.
Hair | Laura Shea
Make-up | Amanda Greenhalgh


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