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Coronado Engagement Session | Carla & Graham

Coronado is a pretty rad location for engagement sessions. Coronado is a pretty rad location in general, and I think it is becoming one of our favorite spots in San Diego. Carla and Graham had a pretty small window of opportunity to get their session done before Graham was out of town again, so I’m glad that everything worked out schedule wise and weather wise for this one. I guess for the most part you don’t have to really worry about weather too much in San Diego, but I haven’t quite lost my weather apprehension from our Portland days. I wasn’t really sure where the best spots were in Coronado, but with the combination of cool clients doing pre-shoot spot reconnaissance and Coronado being pretty photogenic in general we had no shortage of opportunities. When we had discussed locations I appreciated Carla’s willingness for a little adventure since we had never really shot in Coronado. Although I guess if you’re marrying a guy like Graham you had better be pretty down with spontaneity and adventure, because that’s what this guy does. Photos are pretty easy when your couples are down to earth, fun, and blatantly in love. Thanks for a great day guys!

– Josh


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