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Orfila Winery Wedding | Michelle & Bobby

Orfila Vineyards and Winery is one of our favorite wedding venues in San Diego. When I got an inquiry late September 2010 for a wedding here I was pretty happy that we might have the opportunity to shoot there in 2011. As I was scanning over the details of the email I noticed that the bride’s last name looked very familiar. Sure enough, Michelle and I had gone to high school together. I wasn’t exactly sure whether or not that would work to my advantage for booking the wedding, but luckily Michelle either didn’t remember anything weird about me from high school or liked the photos well enough to have a little selective amnesia. Either way we were thrilled to be able to shoot her wedding.

A few months later Michelle emailed me asking for a videographer recommendation, and I immediately knew I needed to convince her to bring in Marc Rotse from Moving Picture Weddings. When I was thinking about the word that best sums up the feeling I had when I was shooting this wedding the word that first came to mind was- familiarity. A bride from the same high school, a venue we had an amazing wedding in previously, and having my man Marc along for the ride just made for a wonderful relaxed event.

It was a perfect day with great people, amazing scenery, delicious food, and it all finished off with a killer dance party! Congratulations Michelle and Bobby, it was an honor to be part of such a fantastic day!

– Josh

The Rancho Bernardo Inn was a great place to get ready, and also take portraits of the girls later.

Nestled in the Escondido hills near the Wild Animal Park, Orfila Winery is a great spot for an intimate event.

The light in the vineyard that day was amazing!

Planking on the dance floor? ¬†First time I’ve seen it!

Yep that’s me in the last photo with Michelle, and London. We all went to Helix together, but I’m not saying what year!

Accommodations | Rancho Bernardo Inn
Band | Freeze Frame
Caterer | Authentic Flavors
Ceremony Musician | Anthony Garcia
Floral | Annette Gomez
Venue | Orfila Vineyard & Winery
Video | Moving Picture Weddings


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