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We love our couples and turns out they love us too!  Here we have collected some testimonials and love notes from past brides & grooms who were kind enough to share their praise of us.  It doesn’t stop there though.  The internet is covered with heart-warming reviews about our San Diego wedding photography.  We invite you to read what our clients have to say about us as their wedding photographers, all written in their own words.

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Bride & Groom kiss at sunset on beach at their San Diego Wedding.

Imagine your big day, stress-free. That’s what working with Josh and Melissa is like. The couple, having been married themselves, know how to handle any situation… even helping to pin on boutonnieres!!! Rather than having strangers around photographing you… it’s like working with a team of friends.
by Heather,
October 9, 2010


“Since our wedding day, I have not only received an overwhelming amount of congratulatory messages, but also dozens of questions asking “who shot your wedding photos?” From the picture of my father with tears streaming down his face, to our first kiss as husband and wife, Josh and Melissa captured every beautiful and natural moment of our big day. It’s moments like those that will hang on our walls in our new home, and that will be passed along for generations. Now that the cake is gone and the dress has been packed away, I’m truly glad that I still have these memories.

No one should have to settle, especially a bride. My one big mission heading into my wedding day was finding a photographer that wouldn’t make me do cheesy poses or deliver a bad final product. I wanted a journalistic feel and wanted to enjoy the photos for our entire lifetime without them going out of style. After searching for weeks through the “typical” wedding photographer websites, I finally found Continuum Photography. From our engagement shoot… to the road to our wedding day, Josh and Melissa have not only delivered beautiful photos but they have also become our friends.
Our wedding day is something that my husband and I will not easily be able to forget, in partly because of the beautiful photos from Continuum Photography. We chose not to capture our day by video, but solely to invest in Josh and Melissa’s photography skills… and our decision surely paid off. From the tears running down my father’s cheeks when he first saw me, to mine and my husband’s first kiss, our entire day was beautifully captured by these amazing artists skills. When we chose Continuum Photography, we knew we were not only choosing great photographers… we were investing in a life long treasure.
Besides the great photographs, Josh and Melissa helped to make our day run smooth! From the first time we talked to the last picture they took, the two of them offered planning advice that helped the day go off without a hitch. They suggested ways for me and my bridal team to wear our make-up that would be best for the photos, flower colors that do and do not photograph well, and advice for an itinerary to help coordinate the day. These are all things that I would not have thought of before hand.
Imagine your big day, stress-free. That’s what working with Josh and Melissa is like. The couple, having been married themselves, know how to handle any situation… even helping to pin on boutonnieres!!! Rather than having strangers around photographing you… it’s like working with a team of friends.


Bride review of her Orfila wedding photographers in San Diego/ Escondido, CA wedding.

“When all was said and done, we received a quality product that far surpassed our hopes and expectations!”
by Cassandra,
October 4,2009


When my husband and I hired Continuum Photography to document our wedding, we had no idea just how monumental their expertise and assistance would prove to be. Not only are they true professionals, talented and skilled photojournalists, they are easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable in the wedding planning process and day of proceedings. This proved to be particularly beneficial to us as we did not hire a wedding coordinator. I quickly discovered just how important it was to have vendors who not only know what they were doing, but are experienced and prepared for the craziness that sometimes ensues when planning and carrying out a wedding! Though I have many friends who are photographers and offered to shoot our wedding for free, I decided to hire a professional wedding photographer so that my friends could enjoy the day along with us and boy am I thankful I did! I didn’t realize that my photographer and dj would take so much stress off my plate by helping me with my timeline and ensure I wasn’t forgetting any details. Any bride who’s planned a wedding knows that a lot of the stress is in the details.

On my wedding day, I was further reassured that I had made the right decision by hiring these two professionals. By the time the day arrived, I was so overwhelmed with the planning process and excitement of the day that I personally did not want to be worried about details or last-minute planning. Thanks in large part to Josh and Melissa, I didn’t have to! They documented our day beautifully – Melissa capturing my handsome husband getting ready and opening his groom’s gift, which was so special to me since I couldn’t be there, and Josh utilizing his incredible talent to document me getting ready with the girls. They were so prepared they even had mints on hand. I felt like Josh was a member of my bridal party! I think it takes extra skill to be there when needed, meanwhile not intrusive to the days happenings, and that’s exactly what they were. They somehow managed to blend in while capturing every moment along the way. I think it’s difficult for brides to choose a vendor because most of the time this is the first and only wedding we will plan, which means we have no experience when it comes to choosing the people who will be instrumental in making the day a success. We learned how important it is to not only know what they are doing, but be experienced in the wedding industry. From the moment we hired them, we were impressed with their professionalism. Communication was always prompt and concise. The contract was also clear and concise, which was appreciated.

We were fortunate enough to have them take our engagement photos, document our engagement party, and help me surprise my husband with an amazing album from my boudoir photo shoot. It was fun to get to know them in the months leading up to our wedding not only as our photographers, but as our friends. We had a blast driving around San Diego taking our engagement photos, and my boudoir session is one of the most memorable and empowering experiences I’ve ever had! I think it takes a brave soul to work in the wedding industry, and I found that Josh and Melissa not only take on this challenge with ease, but they conquer it! The photos speak for themselves. Continuum Photography significantly reduced our stress by helping guide our planning process, offering tips along the way, and being easy to work with. Having much more experience with weddings than I had, they proved to be a great resource and wealth of knowledge even when it came to formulating our timeline. They also saved us a significant amount of money by making our decision to not hire a wedding planner or a videographer less of an issue, and offering multiple choices for services, prints, and albums along the way. When all was said and done, we received a quality product that far surpassed our hopes and expectations. I wanted a combination of black & white and color photos, which was not a problem. Josh is as much of a perfectionist when it comes to editing as he is when it comes to taking the photos, making sure everyone looks their best. Melissa did a beautiful job capturing decor details before the guests arrived, which is also something I was unable to see in person and very important to me. Our friends and family members love the photos from our wedding, and since it goes by at whirlwind pace, it is of utmost importance to have a professional documenting it all! I’m so thankful we chose Continuum Photography to be there for ours.



Chicago Maggianos wedding photographer review by bride.

“My husband and I have recommended them to everyone we know, but to be honest, their work speaks for itself.”
by Natalie,
September 5,2009

We couldn’t have been happier that we chose Josh and Melissa as our wedding photographers. They are incredibly talented and were one of the best vendors that we hired. Not once did I have a concern about the services they would provide, and we have beautiful pictures and a wonderful album that we can treasure for a lifetime. Not only were Josh and Melissa responsive and accommodating prior to the wedding (and of course on the wedding day), but they were the same way after the wedding. I can’t stress how much that was appreciated. My husband and I have recommended them to everyone we know, but to be honest, their work speaks for itself.


Holiday Inn Merchandise Mart wedding photographer review from bride.

“Josh and Melissa are so easy to work with and just genuinely nice people!”
by Erica,
October 16,2010

I hate cheesy posed wedding pictures, so when we were looking for photographers, we definitely leaned towards the photojournalism style. I saw the Continuum website and loved all of their wedding portfolios. I also liked the fact that Josh and Melissa were both going to be shooting (even though Josh is the principle photographer) especially since our wedding day was long. Since they moved to Portland a few months after we booked them, we just talked on the phone a few days before the wedding to nail down some of the details. Josh was really honest with us about what he thought we could fit in in the limited time we had for group pictures, which I appreciated because that was one of my biggest concerns with our schedule. Since we still hadn’t gotten our finalized timeline from our DOC, I was glad he was so laid back and not freaking out since I sort of was :). The day of the wedding, everything ran really smoothly. My brother-in-law even commented how efficient our group pictures were versus a lot of other weddings he has been in. Josh and Melissa are so easy to work with and just genuinely nice people. We got the link to our pictures online a few weeks ago and could not stop looking at them! I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. I think Josh was really able to capture the feel of Chicago, which is what we wanted considering it was one of the reasons we wanted a downtown wedding.


Bride review of wedding photographer about her Evanston, IL wedding.

“We wanted…photos that told a story, caught a moment, seemed to jump off the page, like they were alive! SO, we found JOSH AND MELISSA!!!”
by Leah,
March 20, 2010

We knew at our first meeting that they would be a perfect match for what we were looking for. Not only do they take incredible pictures, but they have an amazing point of view about the photos, they treat you like your their best of friends, and make the whole experience amazing!

The entire process – from engagement photo session to album creation has been beyond what we expected of them! They are exceptional professionals, artists, and people.


Bride review of her Portland wedding photographer from her wedding at the Acadian Ballroom.

“Continuum Photography was one of the flawless components of my wedding day.”
by Nicole,
April 1, 2011

Josh and Melissa were polished, professional and assisted us with aspects that were not photography related. It was clear to us that they had loads of experience, which was demonstrated in a way that calmed our anxieties and made us much more confident about the flow of the event. Their work is beautiful and working with them is a pleasure. I recommend them highly.


Groom reviews wedding photographers for his Chicago wedding at Galleria Marchetti

“Josh and Melissa are phenomenal!”

Our wedding was in Chicago in July 2009 and we wanted to pick just the right photographer for the job. We decided to go with them because of their eye for great candid photos and boy did they go above and beyond! Not only were the pictures beautiful, but their knowledge of the city and incorporation of the various backgrounds made the pictures look so artistic. They both were relaxed but attentive from day one and meshed in with the ceremony and reception; not once did we feel like they were a distraction. And, they were incredibly nice and fun! From our experience with these two and all the compliments we’ve gotten from our family and friends, it is with high regard that I recommend Continuum Photography for your special day!



Rebecca & Matt were married on July 3, 2009 at the Galleria Marchetti in Chicago, IL.


Bride review of wedding photographer for her Hotel Allegro Wedding in Chicago.

“Josh and Melissa were by far, the easiest vendors we worked with for our wedding.”

From the moment we met them, through the process of engagement shots and the wedding, Josh and Melissa were by far, the easiest vendors we worked with for our wedding. We ordered a wedding package that included an engagement session, wedding photos, and a fauxtobooth for our guests. The price was right along with our budget and while I was contemplating having a videographer, the photos spoke for themselves in terms of getting every moment, from my mine and my husband’s first kiss to my crazy drunken friends hugging each other in loving embrace.

They are great people: easy to get along with and like butter to work with!


Robin & Ryan were married on September 26,2009 at Hotel Allegro in downtown Chicago.


Bride review of wedding photographer from her peggy notebaert nature museum wedding.

“Josh & Melissa’s pictures are gorgeous, their style is exactly what we wanted, and the quality of service is unbeatable!”

When we met with Josh and Melissa for the first time, we had already met with several photographers, and weren’t really excited about any of them. After leaving our first meeting with them, we wanted to book them immediately so we wouldn’t lose them to another couple! Their pictures are gorgeous, their style is exactly what we wanted, and the quality of service is unbeatable! We had a great time working with them, and they were SO prepared! I keep telling people that I am so glad I didn’t hire one of those “day of” wedding planners to handle all of the details and issues that pop up on the day of the wedding, because I got that with my photographers as well! Anytime anyone needed anything, had a question, or there was a problem, it seemed they were right there to handle it! Our day went so much more smoothly because of them, and we also have fabulous photos to show for it! Everyone who sees them says something along the lines of, “Your wedding pictures are gorgeous! They are simply amazing! I mean, you two look great and all, but those photographers are really talented!” They truly are a magical team- we could not be happier with the fantastic job they did. It is clear that they genuinely care about your wedding day, and will do whatever they can to make it special for you.


Lauren & Nic were married on July 18, 2009 at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago, IL.


Groom review of his chicago wedding photographers, Continuum Photography.

“Josh & Melissa are photographers who are incredibly personable, are easy to work with, provide a great deal of care and moderate amounts of wit to what they do.”

Sure, you can hire a photographer just because of their price. You could hire them because you like this one picture they took in the one place that you’ll never be at. Why not consider hiring photographers who are incredibly personable, are easy to work with, provide a great deal of care and moderate amounts of wit to what they do? Most importantly, you should really consider hiring Josh and Melissa because the quality of their pictures never wavers from picture 1 to picture 1,001.

You may be able to save $1 or 2 somewhere else but don’t. They’re worth the investment and they’re worth getting to know and having them a part of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to gloat about how great your photos turned out and how great the people were who took the pictures after your big day is over!

If you only do this once, you might as well do it right the first time. Right? Right.


Kim & Mark where married on September 19, 2009 at First Congregational Church of Western Springs and held their reception Seven Bridges Golf Club in Woodridge, IL.


Bride review of Vic Theater Chicago wedding photographers, Continuum Photography.

“All I can say is – Wow. How often is it that wedding guests compliment the photographers on being great at their job??”

I don’t know, but I know we had multiple guests gushing about Josh & Melissa. We credit their Fauxtobooth for getting the party atmosphere rolling early, and the photographers themselves were everywhere the party was without ever getting in the way. They had really cool ideas about some posed pictures in our beautiful venue and although it was hard to leave the party even for a couple minutes, we trusted them completely that we would regret it if we didn’t get a few posed shots. They were so right. We also really appreciated the way they handled the formal shots – i.e. professionally and QUICKLY!!

Also, Josh and Melissa are just fun people and we very much enjoyed getting to know them and working with them. I can say without reservation that you should hire them for your wedding!


Erin & Frank were married on October 3, 2009 at the Vic Theater in Chicago, IL.


Brides review of her wedding photographer from her Hyatt McDonalds Lodge wedding.

“We LOVED Continuum Photography.”

Our pictures were tiny little works of art. Each picture was edited and truly captured our day. We did a lot of research before picking them to do our wedding photography and could not have been happier. We liked them so much that my sister used them when she got married a year later.

So many of my friends pictures have come back without each picture being edited. Each one of our photographs was edited in a professional and true manner and are wonderful. I would highly recommend them!


Debbie & Allen were married on November 14, 2009 at Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus in Oak Brook, IL.

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