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La Jolla Cove Bridge Club Wedding | Barbara & Scott

The La Jolla Bridge Club is a little building on the bluff of Ellen Browning Scripps Park. It has one of the most amazing ocean views in San Diego. It’s got green grass, interesting trees, and is situated near the heart of La Jolla. And yes like all places in San Diego it’s normally known for amazing weather. The perfect spot for an intimate wedding. This was however our last wedding of 2012, and in December – and yes, we do sort of have a winter here. The weather report that day had been a little iffy, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be a big damper on the events. As I was photographing Barbara and her girls getting ready I noticed the clouds getting a little dramatic, but if you have ever photographed a wedding you’ll know that sometimes you just get kind of focused on the action in the little bubble around you. I got a photo text from Melissa who had gone on to the venue to meet up with Scott and the sky was looking rather apocalyptic. As we headed to venue the rain was really coming down and it was pretty obvious that the outdoor ceremony was going to be scrapped. But hey – it’s a wedding and you have to go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason right?

Barbara and Scott got the first rainbow I have ever seen at a wedding. They had some of the most amazing cloud formations in the sky – and to me if that’s not a mark of something amazing (or a sign), I’m not sure what is. We really do love small events, and getting the chance to get to know Barbara, Scott, their amazing daughters, and their friends and family was a fantastic way to end our 2012 season. Small party, big love.

– Josh

Accommodations | Grand Colonial Hotel
Caterer | The Wild Thyme Company
Desserts | Azucar
DJ | Winston Widdes
Officiant | Rabbi Berk
Venue | La Jolla Bridge Club


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