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Vendor Recommendations

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding, and the process becomes so much easier when you can trust the vendors who are providing your services.  Watching the A-Team in the 80s as a kid taught me very early on that a good team can mean the success of your mission.  This page represents some of our wedding A-Team members who we love to work with.  If you need advice on great people to hire, check them out!

In order by first name only!


Makeup Maresciallo

Primary Specialty:
Hair & Makeup Artist

Secondary Specialties:
* tattoo covers
* bringing symmetry to the face
* creating a makeup for its environment
* eye lash wizard

First world crusade:

To rid the world of over tweezed tadpole shaped / sparse eyebrows.

Topics I respond well to in conversation:
Anything outdoors: Hiking, biking, skiing or kayaking! Film making. Wine. Yoga. Travel. DIY Projects. Cooking. Interior, graphic and industrial design. Anything that sparkles! Succulents. Hot sauce. Kitchen gadgets.

Hi, I’m Cheriene. I’m curious and detail oriented so, in short, I break things a lot. Graduate of a fancy pants film school, you know that whatever makeup I apply will be specific to the client, with environment in consideration. Continuously aware of upcoming trends my art and techniques are ever evolving. I like to say I have an eye for these sort of things. I’m super easy going and roll with the punches. I like fish tacos, the beach but hate sand.



Gangster of Glamour

Primary Speciality:
Makeup artist & hair stylist

First World Crusade:
To eliminate excess shine and create bulletproof makeup looks.

Topics I respond to well:
* movies
* dogs
* comic books
* LA traffic
* Boston
* anything related to food!

I’m Devan, an LA based makeup artist who loves escaping to San Diego for work and fun. I’ve been doing makeup professionally for 10 years and I’ve been good at it for 6. I love working with a variety of clients and I value my ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. I’ve worked on any project you can think of – I strive for creativity and passion in every job that comes my way. To me makeup is an ever changing art that can be used to transform the way a person looks and how they feel. I love bringing out the individual beauty of every person I have in my chair.



Design Divas

Primary Specialty:
We are a full service event planning, coordination, and design studio that is dedicated to making this your best day ever!

Secondary Specialties:
* Creating fabulous florals
* Taming wild groomsmen
* Designing invitations
* Defining styles through decor and telling stories through details

First world crusades:
Centerpieces, aisle runners, photo booths and the like are fun…but they are not what weddings are all about.
Don’t lose sight of the best thing about your wedding: You are marrying the love of your life and sharing the day with the people you love. Never do a tradition for tradition’s sake – only do what is important to you, or heck, make your own traditions!
You can have an amazing party on any budget and any timetable… let’s make it happen! Stress is NOT a requirement for planning a wedding. It’s DIY (do-it-yourself), not DYI (do-yourself-in). Choose your DIY projects wisely.

Topics we respond well to in conversation:
Golden Doodle Dogs (Jillian) & Cats (Ashley), Wine, Food, Travel, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead/Zombie Apocalypse, Country Music, and of course we love talking about relationships. Nothing amps us up like a good love story…we are sappy romantics after all
Hi we are Ashley and Jillian! Ashley moved from Sacramento to San Diego to go to college. She fell in love with events and found her true passion in wedding planning.

Jillian was an established event planner with over five years of experience on the East coast and moved to San Diego two years ago. The two met and instantly hit it off…thus, Coastyle Events was officially born. The name came from our vision to create uniquely styled events from coast to coast. Our goal is truly to make your special day a perfect reflection of your style and personalities, while minimizing your stress in planning. We treat our brides and grooms as if we were coordinating for our best friends. Above all else we protect the day you are investing in



Duchess of Details

Primary Specialty:
Planning, prepping, and executing each and every wedding detail.

Secondary Specialties:
* Listening Ear
* Home Organization Expert
* Bravo Trivia Master
* Dog Whisperer

First world crusade:
To ensure that NO BRIDE walks down the aisle with a bouquet held higher than her waist.

Topics I respond well to in conversation:
Real Housewives of any city, delicious /outlandish/abnormal foods, the trials and tribulations of dog ownership, obsessive compulsive tendencies, and the amazing storylines of The Golden Girls.

My name is Jennifer. I am a San Diego native, born to a surfboard shaper and a university administrator. Ironically, I credit my father for my strict organization and filing systems, and my mother for my creativity and design abilities. I have enjoyed planning and coordinating events for six years and feel I am constantly learning from my clients. I especially enjoy the unique culture or family traditions that couples embrace on their wedding day. I am obsessed with a good meal from any food genre and will try any dish once. I have a weakness for reality television, culminating in my fixation on Bravo series. I love meeting new people and listening to their personal stories. My goal is not only to be your wedding lifeline/concierge, but also your friend.



Rank: Hair Principessa

Primary Specialty: hair magic

* Making hair listen
* Helping you look your best
* Sharing happiness

First world crusade: To keep styles current…no more ringlets on both sides…prom cerca 1990. And, I’m not a fan of the hairdressers trick of crimping the roots for volume. It’s not a good idea.

Topics I respond well to in conversation: Of course I can talk about hair and hair products all day everyday…I am not bored at movies or public events because I can constantly analyze the hair. I love talking about every detail of weddings/events. From the decorations to the food, cake, and all the other special touches. It’s such a magic time in life. I love the simple details of life.

I’m Kira. I “do” hair. I was born in New York City, grew up in Pennsylvania, and spent my holidays and summers in Williamsburg, Virginia. I went to college in Columbia, South Carolina getting an English degree. I love books and even considered teaching before the hair began calling me. I’ve lived in Asheville, North Carolina for 2 years, Portland, Oregon for 8 years, and I’ve now settled into La Jolla. The sunshine and beaches are my dream! I love exploring the world, especially the United States. My other passions include rock climbing, ice cream, and spending time with my boyfriend snuggled up watching movies.



Prime Minista of the Cinema.

Primary Specialty:

Secondary Specialties:
* Creative Director
* Joke Cracker
* Animal Whisperer

First world crusade:
Improving the American dream one vegemite sandwich at a time.

Topics I respond well to in conversation:
Anything down under, iProducts, dogs (especially my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy ‘Buddy’ who weighs 100 lbs, any sport involving a board,  Aussie rules football (yes- this is a real man’s sport in Australia!), axons and dendrites (thanks to my wife)

I’m Marc. I’m a French Australian American and I have friends in almost every country.  I love to see the world through the eyes of those around me, and I’ll try almost anything once.  The things that make me happiest are a bluebird powder day and going for a walk with my dog, my wife, and a latte.  I love TV shows that I can marathon on Netflix like Nikita, Prison Break, and Breaking Bad.  My favorite dessert is toasty marionberry pie with double vanilla ice cream and fresh berries on top!



5th Degree Black Belt Music Phreek

Primary Specialty:
Packing your dance floor.

Secondary Specialties:
* Mashing beats
* Educating photographers on the fine points of Pho
* Hand to hand combat (kickboxing to be specific)
* Snazzing up venues with awesome event lighting

First world crusade:
To eliminate the phenomenon of the cleared dance floor.

Topics I respond well to in conversation:
Music of course.  Anything with a beats per minute is game.  I’m an adrenaline junkie! If it gets the blood pumping, I’m there! Kickboxing, skydiving, bungee jumping, skiing, wakeboarding, any outdoor sports basically.

My name is Vynce.   I’ve been a DJ for 18 years now. People often ask how the name “DJ Phreek” came about? It goes back to my college years playing at local events and parties on campus. I was known to ALWAYS throw on either some booty or grindin’ mix at the end of each set to kind of place my signature so to speak. Well people would always comment, “You’re a music freak!” So I took that and changed the spelling (obviously!) and DJ Phreek was born.  Music to me is such a powerful art! It’s the one medium we have that can make you emotional…no matter the situation. To me, DJing is a way to take your audience on a journey with you, to tell a story or even convey a message that you couldn’t otherwise state yourself. When you hear a certain song, you’re instantly taken back in time or to a place where you first heard it and all the memories that went along with it.   And as we all know, its the one element at any event that can make it a success or failure. My goal is to make the dance floor come to life with a soul, all on its own. Reading the crowd and making the music make their pulse is what I do best! Your DJ, in essence becomes your lifeline to the party.