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West Hollywood BFF Portraits | Nikki & Laurel

I’ve got one more personal post to share before we get back into some great weddings that we have in the pipeline. You might remember Nikki from a previous post back in September. A little while ago we were back in Los Angeles to photograph a wedding downtown and stuck around an extra day to visit with our friends. It is completely awesome to be able to see a friend on a regular basis who used to be a long distance friend. We took Nikki up to the Hollyhock House, a place we had found during Rebecca and Devon’s first engagement session when we got kicked out of the observatory. We stuck around a little while to listen to her play, but the Hollyhock is under construction so it’s not all that photogenic at the moment. We decided to give the Griffith Observatory another try for portraits, only this time I went as low key as I possibly could and we weren’t hassled. Better luck I guess, but the weather was kinda lame so we didn’t stick around long. We just headed back to meet up with Laurel, Nikki’s BFF.

Nikki and Laurel are like the Laverne and Shirley of Toluca Lake. Although they may seem like they share a brain when they are around each other, they are actually very different people which I think makes their friendship work so well. Laurel in a word is lovely. She’s the calm smile to Nikki’s constant giggle, and together these two are laughing and smiling a lot. Moving out to Los Angeles to follow your dreams takes a lot of courage, and it’s a scary leap into a big unknown that has swallowed a lot of people whole. Yes Los Angeles can be a dark abyss of pure evil if you’re trying to crack into the film industry, so I am glad they have each other. We had a fun day walking around their new neighborhood trying to avoid a crazy cat lady, and I got to take photos of Laurel for the first time. I predict many more of these two in the future.

– Josh


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