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Our Philosophy

We believe weddings are all about the people. We go to a lot of weddings and they are just RAD! There’s just something magical about a wedding and it’s ability to bring people together who fill a room with palpable love. The feeling is amazing, intoxicating and fleeting. So this is why we believe your day deserves to be captured completely and artfully by awesome photographers [meaning US!]. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less because your memories are just way to important.

You guys are absolutely amazing!!! Not only did you guys take beautiful professional photographs, you guys captured special moments in such a creative way. Pretty much you guys are total bad-asses, fun to work with and super talented! Thanks for helping make our wedding awesome!

So how much is this going to cost me?

$2995. Up to 8 hours. 2 photographers. High resolution edited images. Need more time? $295 per additional hour. Albums are $1495. Engagement sessions in San Diego are $495.

Wedding FAQs
How much do you cost? How many hours of photography do I need? Will it help if I tell you that I’m on a budget or I have a small wedding?

We’re not much for fancy packages, we start at $2995 – and that includes up to 8 hours with two photographers. Our base price is our minimum commission for a standard weekend (Fri-Sat) event. During our consultation we’ll help you determine if you need us for longer than 8 hours, but in our experience the vast majority of events can be covered well in 8 hours. We have special rates for elopements and smaller weekday weddings.

Who will be shooting our wedding? Will you have assistants?

Josh is the primary photographer at all of our weddings. All of our weddings include an experienced weddings second photographer, someone who could if necessary take over the primary role in an emergency. Melissa is involved in a lot of the communication and logistics of our weddings, and sometimes fills in as an additional photographer or lighting assistant on the day of the wedding. The only time the potential of a third team member would impact your planning is if it were necessary for them to stay through the reception, in which case you’ll need to feed them, lest they starve and begin devouring your guests.

We’re from the planet Ork, will you be okay photographing a wedding from a strange culture?

We’ve photographed weddings from plenty of religious denominations and geographic locations in all shapes & colors. We like everyone. We are also Same-Sex Wedding friendly. Disclaimer: WE DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH NAZI WEDDINGS (sorry not sorry Nazis).

Are you insured?

Yep. We can totally burn down your venue with impunity. Well not total impunity, but we are insured.

Will you hang out with us?

Totally. We like to go on hikes, bike rides, eat at Mexican food restaurants, get coffee at Starbucks, and see action movies. Let’s double date.

Isn’t being friends with your clients weird?

For us the more invested we are with our people, the better the photos. Not only that – but we’re friendly and we like to make new friends. If you want people photographing your wedding that you can call friend, we’re your people. If you want some hired help… maybe not.