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East County San Diego Headshot Portrait Session | Kelsie Taylor Part II

News flash- Kelsie Taylor is still pretty. In other news I had noticed these weird plywood walls near the Mission Trails visitor center the other day and immediately thought they would be amazing to photograph. The only catch was that I needed a model (i.e. Kelsie Taylor), and I needed to figure out what I was going to do with them. I decided to do a little flash work for drama, because I don’t do a whole lot with artificial light and it can be fun to experiment with. We ended up having a little time to kill before it was dark enough to bring the drama the way I wanted it to be brought, so we went to a spot in the park that was very Lord of the Rings. It was that point in the day where the sun had dipped below the hills, so there was no real dramatic golden light. It was still neat though and Kelsie’s green jeans fit in pretty well. I’m thinking of starting a whole series called “My Friends Are Prettier Than Yours.”

– Josh


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