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Los Angeles Photo Session | Jessica Hill

Los Angeles photo sessions are starting to get pretty regular for us. Being only a couple of hours away from San Diego it’s not a big deal to head up for a day or two. We really love the backdrop of LA, but it’s also nice to come back home to mellow San Diego when we’re done. Not so long ago I got an exciting little email in my inbox: “Guess who will be in LA in two weeks… ME” Me = Jessica Hill, 5’1″ in height, 10’1″ in personality. J. Hill, or Hillbo as I like to call her is a Portland based wedding and boudoir photographer who Melissa and I just started to get close to right about the time we were packing our boxes and about to move. Thanks to the digital age J.Hill and I have managed to keep in touch pretty well. GChat, iMessage, Facebook, email, I think we’ve even Skyped as well. It just so happened that this time Jessica was actually flying down to our neck of the woods for an engagement session, and we also happened to have a portrait session in LA the same day. So one day prior to both of our respective gigs, we formed a plan to meet up. There was no doubt in my mind that at some point in time I’d take a photo or two of the ever photogenic redhead, but what I wasn’t expecting was pretty much getting to take headshots in Los Angeles of her for a few hours straight.

Point #1 – Melissa and I recently changed camera platforms and are now shooting Canon. That means learning a new camera, so we needed some practice before our shoot the next day. Perfect chance to practice!

Point #2 – Jessica Hill is a beaut. If you’re going to break in a new system you might as well do it with a pretty face who also happens to know the 5dMKIII inside and out.

We had a fantastic time catching up with our good friend and exploring the Hollywood area for portraits. So great to see you Jessica, hope you come down again soon!

– Josh


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