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East County San Diego Headshot Portrait Session | Kelsie Taylor

Flickr isn’t what it used to be. That being said I still use it, and there is a great Flickr group for wedding photographers that is still extremely active. That’s where I met Kelsie. There aren’t really many people from the group in San Diego, but I posted there about our first San Diego Photograque (photographers + BBQ) and Kelsie came. A few days later we ran into Kelsie at the Pride parade and we ended up having lunch with her. And here’s the defining moment – I pointed my camera at her and she said something about not liking her picture taken or not being photogenic or… ? Eh, I’m not sure. Her lips were moving but at that moment she sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher. I refuse to accept that someone as pretty as Kelsie isn’t good for portraits. Later that day I texted her and told her I wanted to photograph her- expecting it to be a slow war of attrition to break down her resolve and eventually one day her face would be in front of the camera. Yet her response was shockingly enthusiastic. A date was set and voila. A pretty girl, millions of freckles, boulders, and one angry rattlesnake. We walked around the rattlesnake.

– Josh


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