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Sunset Cliffs Wedding and Solare Restaurant Reception | Carla & Graham

Carla and Graham’s Sunset Cliffs Osprey Point ceremony and the reception that followed up at the Solare Restaurant was the perfect blend of family, friends, ocean scenery and California weather. It was a great reminder to Melissa and I that yes, we are in fact shooting weddings full time in San Diego now and it’s really great. Of course being in the near perfect climate for outdoor photography during the summer (and winter, and fall, and spring months) is just one piece of the puzzle. It also helps to be photographing amazing people – Carla and Graham provided the other piece of the puzzle in that regard. Not many romances span continents, countries, or time spans as long as junior high. That’s right, I said junior high. I’m fairly certain I can’t remember a single day from the 7th grade, yet these two began a friendship that really defied the odds when it came to just simply staying in touch.

When we first met Carla, Graham was on the other side of the country. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I knew he’d have to be a pretty dynamic individual to do what he does and match Carla’s energy. After shooting their engagement session it was pretty clear to me why they are such a great match. In a way this whole wedding was an interesting turn around- here was Carla planning and executing an amazing mission pretty much on her own while Graham a guy who makes his living planning and executing amazing missions was in another state. Did Carla pull it off? Without a doubt.

I want to say as a side note that brides usually steal the show in most weddings. Let’s face it- often times our grooms don’t get a ton of spotlight because it usually is difficult to compete with a beautiful girl in a white dress. As I left the wedding that afternoon I thanked them for having us be a part of their day. It’s a huge honor and one of the best parts of our job. What I regretted not doing was thanking Graham for his service to all of us. He’s probably one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and what he does on a daily basis is something that I think few of us really recognize or can even conceive of. So from a Military Channel watching photographer who gripes about backaches from carrying two cameras around for eight hours, you have both my awe and respect. Thanks Graham. RLTW.

– Josh

Cake | Sweet Cheeks
Ceremony | Sunset Cliffs – Osprey Point
Ceremony Rentals | Platinum Party Rentals
Coordination | First Comes Love
Florist | Petails by Katie
Officiant | Col Paul Longgrear (Ret.)
Guitarist | William Wilson
Make-up/Hair | Glam Dolls
Reception Venue | Solare Restaurant
Transportation | San Limo & Never Tardy School Bus
Videographer | Joe Park Weddings


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