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Space Room Lounge | Saying Goodbye to Friends

We’re officially in San Diego, but not in our new house or unpacked for a few more days. I’ve got engagements and weddings to work on blogging, but in the meantime I thought I’d throw up some photos from our last hangout session with some friends in Portland before we headed south.

Perhaps somewhat ironic that the spot we chose to meet with a folks for a farewell gathering was called the Space Room Lounge, aptly named for it’s near pitch black state.  You wouldn’t think as a photographer I would have picked a place illuminated predominately by blacklights.  It is pretty cool, definitely more character than the average dive, even if white balancing the photos from the festivities was tough. Previous to arriving in space we had met up with Kevin, Katie, Ashley, Bili (brain support for MPW), and Jessica B earlier for dinner that night. Unfortunately that part of my crew missed out on the awesomeness that was the Space Room Lounge.  Perhaps when we come back next year we can reunion at this joint.  Mark and Boone made it out to both parts of the outing, and we were later joined by Lauren, the Lisa and Anthony crew, Monica , Jake, Jacob, Jessica H, and Kirstie.  I’m glad I can get some sort of internet link to everyone.  We definitely had a good time, but it was sad to say our goodbyes to everyone for a few months.  Unless they come and visit. Boone did make mention of taking the coffee shop meeting on the road.

– Josh

This shot was taken by Lauren, who seemed a little intimidated with my point and shoot.

Stunt drinkers Lauren & Jacob.

One of my goals in 2012 is to learn a new joke.  Currently I only know one.  The first shot of Boone is when he was listening to the joke, trying to make sense of why it was taking me so long…  Then the second shot is the punchline.  And no, I can’t write out the joke here.

Kirstie giving them “oh my God why do I hang out with photographers” face.  Jessica with the giggles.

Jessica took that shot of Melissa, and Jacob took the one of me looking weird with Jessica, and the Mitchells with the two redheads.

  • Juliana - December 6, 2011 - 1:31 pm

    I was just thinking about you guys and wondering how your 1st year in your studio has been and now I hear this? ! I didn’t know you were moving! Sad to see you go! Keep in touch and let us know when you are back this direction! ReplyCancel

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