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Portland Portraits | Katie

Katie is one of our friends from Women For Success, the charity group whose events quite often appear on the Life blog.  The first time I photographed Katie she was in her paint clothes with a breathing mask on, and covered in black spray paint.  It wasn’t exactly the type of moment that typically gets the photo shoot wheels of my mind turning.  A few months later the Beauty Bar event came around, and I got to photograph all of the ladies dressed up.  Katie’s photos from that day were a standout for me, and it was obvious to me she was very photogenic.  Convincing someone they are photogenic is not always an easy thing.  I began suggesting to her that we do a portrait session just for the fun of it, but my suggestions were usually met with Katie flashing her big smile and laughing like I had just told the funniest joke ever.  I’m not exactly sure when the concept of a shoot went from pure giggles to a viable reality, but during the last WFS event I was bugging her about it again and something switched in her brain.  Suddenly the Katie photo session was a go.

I’m glad I was persistent in making this shoot happen.  I think Katie totally rocked sketchy NW industrial Portland.  Katie’s makeup was done by Courtney Rogers, who was able to work with us when we needed to move the shoot up a couple of days earlier due to a foreboding Portland forecast.  Love, love, love these photos!

– Josh


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