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Portland to California | Continuum Photography will be based in San Diego!

You may have noticed we’ve had a lot of trips back to San Diego in recent days. It seems like fate is drawing us down to Southern California, so after months of careful consideration Melissa and I have decided to make San Diego our permanent base of operations. We’re super excited about being closer to family, old friends, awesome Mexican food, and year round outdoor shooting. To all of our friends and clients in the Pacific Northwest- we’ll still be shooting weddings in Portland and Seattle, so you will still have the opportunity to see us in the future.  Of course we won’t get the benefit of easy access, but it is however a great excuse for everyone to visit us.  Our last trip down to San Diego included a wedding in Escondido and an engagement shoot in Los Angeles. We also stuck around for a few days to find a new headquarters, and lucky for us the spot we wanted is just a couple of blocks away from our favorite Mexican restaurant.  This may or may not be a good thing…  For this trip we took a different route and drove down from Bend, a series of highways that took us in and out of Nevada. We got to see a lot of sights we normally don’t get on the standard “straight down the 5” approach. It took us a little longer, but it was a much better view.

– Josh

Above photos taken at Eagle Lake, CA.

Above photos taken at White Lake, NV.

Above photos taken at South Lake Tahoe, NV.

Above photos taken at Bodie, CA.

Above photos taken at Mono Lake, CA.

Above photos taken on I-5 north, near Mt. Shasta CA.

Above photos taken outside of Yreka, CA. The dragon sculpture is named “Priscilla,” and is by artist Ralph Starritt.

And finally the small square photos above are shots from our iPhones.  I’m still a bit on the fence about the iPhone as a camera.  Having just upgraded to the 4S over the 3GS there is a huge improvement in the output quality. Still it’s more or less just a snapshot device for us, but you cannot argue the convenience.  I was actually reading an article another photographer had written about how the iPhone Instagram craze was creating a new trend of poor photography.  He suggested that most users of these apps are simply running their shots through a filter or other gimmicky effect to make them appear more interesting than they actually are. The reality is that digital photography of any sort needs a little processing, and a huge part of the photography equation that most people miss is editing the photo after it’s been taken.  Most people just take a photo and then upload it online.  The whole development phase gets missed, and the reason why so many photos look dull and lifeless is because they never had any basic adjustments.  I’m hopeful that people’s love of vintage filters will impress upon them the concept that it’s okay to edit digital photos, and the notion of something being awesome straight out of the camera isn’t always the most realistic concept.  Of course if something isn’t interesting in the first place, no amount of vintage filtering is going to make it a work of art.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Instagram or similar services to any of you who use them.  Is it photography you take seriously?  Or just snapshots for fun?

  • Amy Nieto - December 6, 2011 - 11:22 am

    Guys, I wish you the bestest of luck and success down in San Diego. It’s totally a smart move for your business. Be wary of the Mexican restaurant, now! I agree with you on the editing of digital images. After all, when you print in a dark room, you CHOOSE a filter to make your print and you develop for an extra 10 seconds or so to get a higher saturation rate and you buys a specific type of paper to get a colder or warmer tone. It’s the VERY same concept. But since it’s analog, it’s acceptable. But digital? No. Now, no amount of filtering will make a bad image any better, that’s for sure. From my perception of Instagram, its purpose is not to showcase MOMA-worthy images, it is to showcase your LIFE, your daily surroundings as you and Melissa are now doing, which I enjoy. I follow a lot of people who photograph their kitties. I like following their lives. If I want to see their professional, commercial photography, I’ll just go to their darn website. *rolls eyes* this is isn’t 2003 anymore, get over it people. (and this coming from someone who shoots a lot of film nowadays). ReplyCancel

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