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FTG | Friends Thanksgiving

If you’re like me you’ve probably already read a hundred or so givings of thanks on your Facebook or other social networking fix, so I promise I won’t be too lengthy. There are a lot of things in life to be thankful for, and I could list off a multitude of people and opportunities that keep me going and brighten my life. What I’m especially thankful for are my clients who end up my friends, who trust Melissa and I to do what we love most – capturing memories. We photographed Lisa and Anthony’s wedding a few months ago in Seattle, and have gotten to know them even better since. They were gracious enough to extend us an invitation to their “Friends Thanksgiving,” or FTG for short. Lisa and Anthony severely outclass us in the kitchen, so I wasn’t going to even attempt to bring anything to that yard. I do however have a camera, so I brought that along and documented the festivities. While I was expecting to see a few familiar faces, I wasn’t expecting to see the entire wedding guest list at their house. It was seriously an epic turn out. And of course there was a lot of, “weren’t you the photographers at their wedding?” It was neat to be able to really re-live the experience with all of those people again. Anthony deep fried two awesome turkeys, and there were no explosions or grease fires. Lisa was the maximum host that night, cooking, making drinks, occasionally joining Bryndl’s one woman dance party – and all while keeping her hair perfect. She did eventually lose the high heels. Thanks for inviting us guys! Can’t wait to have you visit us in San Diego!

– Josh


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