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Women For Success | Make Me Gorgeous Beauty Bar

Melissa and I joined our friends at Women For Success last Friday at the Oregon Convention Center to cover their sold out makeover event.  Held before the Annual Dress for Success Auction, the makeover event was a a clever way to not only raise money, but refresh and pamper all of those who attended before the auction.  We love hanging out with all of the girls at WFS!  Not only are they a great laid back group of ladies, but it’s also a great cause that we are proud to support.  At one point between photos I was chatting with one of the ladies who was in attendance, and she said, “Do you realize you are the only guy here?”  I hadn’t really thought about it, but it pretty much made my night.  Hanging out in the company of great women is something I can always get behind.  Hey and I even learned that a Bobbi Brown cosmetics is not actually run by Bobby Brown the musician!  Good times.

– Josh


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