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100 Nights Project | Night 1

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have always really loved taking long exposures at night.  I describe it to people like it’s my moment of Zen.  A quiet, introspective experience where you process a scene that has taken on completely different characteristics from what it looks like in the day time.  Due to the nature of light and photography, you have to be a lot more thought out in how you set up your compositions.  It’s a different mindset than walking around taking photos in the daylight hours.

For some time now I’ve really wanted to put together a project and book of some of these photos I take in my spare time, as they are so completely different from what I do on the professionally side of things.  A few other local photographers and I have come up with a project title called “100 Nights,” and the specifics of which I’ll be eventually getting around to here.  In the meantime there are quite a few photos I want to share from the first few nights.  If you have a particular favorite please comment!

– Josh


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