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Balboa Park & Pacific Beach Engagement Session | Christin & Russ

One of the interesting things about San Diego that I never quite realized growing up here is that we’re a Mecca for people. These two Phoenixites Phoenixians people from Phoenix love San Diego, and made it both their wedding and engagement destination.  Bonus for us!  As a city we do offer a few things that are hard to come by in other cities.  Notably a famous park stuffed with Spanish architecture that Nurse Christin loves, beaches with insanely awesome sunsets even on overcast-y days, and photographers with the last name Mitchell.  We had such a good time goofing off and being creative with these two.  I would like to merge those words to gooeative or creatoof but it just doesn’t quite work.  Russ and Christin merged do however sound awesome = Rustin!  I guess I will stop messing with language and get to the photos…

– Josh


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