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Why getting ready photos are so important in wedding photography

Over the course of your life, you’ve probably experienced excitement over a new movie that you were looking forward to seeing in the theater. When the day finally came and you forked over your $14.99 I think it’s safe to assume that you wouldn’t have dreamed of getting there 30 minutes late. In fact most people like to take their time, get the best seat, and watch the previews. Maybe you are a daredevil and you cut it close, coming in just as the last preview is ending and sitting a lot closer than is comfortable for your neck vertebrae. Point is, you’re there on time, because the beginning of any story sets the tone for the whole thing. Often times the beginning is even more important than the ending. This is an analogy I use a lot in relation to weddings.

In all of our consultations we make it a point to go over how we work, what our days are like when we’re shooting a wedding, and why certain things are important. Every so often we have a client who, for whatever reason, wants to limit our coverage at the start of the day because of a budgetary concern or something else.  Usually it’s because they don’t realize there is so much value in having us arrive early outside of just the photos. It’s important for us to begin the day at a relaxed pace, build a rapport with the couple’s family and bridal party, and document the excitement while getting ready that sets the tone for the day. A lot of times the energy at the beginning of a wedding is electric, and that can be a joy to capture and a joy for clients to revisit time and time again.  The most important reason why we want to be there early is to build trust and familiarity with the people closest to the couple. Our clients hire us because they trust us to document their day with love and care but we walk into most events being complete strangers to everyone else. The more time we have with a couple’s family and bridal party the more comfortable they get with us. It allows them to begin to trust us as well and act more like themselves in front of the camera. 99% of our clients hire us for our ability to naturally capture the emotions of their day and the only way we can do that is to build trust.

The more I think about all of these reasons the more I come to back to one particular favorite and touching memory at a wedding a couple of years back. When Rebecca was young every day before her mom dropped her off at daycare she kissed the back of her hand. The lipstick mark was a reminder to Rebecca that her mom loved her and was thinking of her always. Sadly Rebecca’s mom passed away before Rebecca got married, but as a tribute to her memory, her grandmother kissed Rebecca’s hand during that getting ready period. My point in this story is that weddings are full of poignant memories, and they don’t always begin with the ceremony. Sometimes things like this we know ahead of time, but most often the most significant and touching moments just happen unplanned. Giving us the opportunity to be present during this time, helps you to preserve the special and unexpected moments you didn’t even realize would happen.

The getting ready period of time of your wedding is important to us and how we capture and celebrate all the special moments of your day. Here are a few of Rebecca’s photos – now treasured memories she can return to, and even share with her family years down the road. Hopefully this story can help you see why it’s worth it to prioritize this time – why you’ll be happy you did.

why getting ready photos are important at weddings


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