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Venutis & St. Nicholas Catholic Church Wedding | Leah & Paul

Looking back at these pictures, you would think that Leah and Paul’s wedding was held in the dead of winter. However, they were actually married at the end of March in Evanston, IL. Typical to Chicago you never know what to expect regarding the weather. The day earlier it was sunny and sixty, the following day was pretty nice as well. But what I love about our Chicago couples is they never let the weather get in the way of having a great time.

Leah and Paul are really amazing people. They are so warm and kind. They seem to be a perfect fit and the love they share is very complimentary and supportive. Their ceremony held at St. Nicholas Catholic Church was humorous, emotional, and moving. I would describe myself as spiritual but not necessarily religious and often times the tradition of a religious ceremony goes over my head but I was genuinely captivated by their service and will always remember how poignant it was. Their reception was nothing short of fabulous too. Leah spent a lot of time making sure all the little details were perfect and it really showed. The Venutis banquet hall was meticulously decorated and so elegant.

Here are some of our favorite shots from their day. Hope you enjoy!



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