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USD Immaculata & Bali Hai Restaurant Wedding | Elizabeth & Kevin

The Immaculata church is the main chapel of the University of San Diego (USD). It’s a beautiful building – a Spanish inspired Catholic church that reminded me a lot of some of the cathedrals Melissa and I used to shoot in when we lived in Chicago. The ornateness and tradition of the Immaculata are an interesting juxtaposition to the quirky polynesian flair of the Bali Hai Restaurant that Elizabeth and Kevin chose to have their reception at. Juxtaposition – now there is a wedding word. It actually fits pretty well – the juxtaposition of stress and joy are usually evident in most weddings. Usually the stress in a wedding is just nervous energy, and most of the time I enjoy it. It can often be like a suspenseful movie that you’ve seen before, and you know that it has a positive outcome. The other people who are with you haven’t seen this movie so they don’t know about the happy ending – but you know it’s coming.

When we arrived to the hotel to cover Elizabeth getting ready the emotional energy in the room was positively bipolar. The previous night Elizabeth’s mom was hospitalized, and her two sisters were there with her. In addition to the stress of worrying about her mom being able to attend the wedding, her sisters were absent – and her sisters were her point people- her rocks for the day. Not having her family close to her that day wasn’t part of Liz’s plan. She’s a woman of small stature with an enormous heart, and I really admire her for holding it together. No one can ever really be prepared to have to deal with delaying their ceremony until the last minute so that their loved ones can be there. I felt like we were pretty much on high alert until the very last minute. In a very cinematic moment in the hallway of the church just moments from walking down the aisle Liz’s mother and sisters arrived. A lot of people would have just freaked out, and I could tell it was crossing her mind a little- but our bride had composure.

It’s amazing how the emotional tide of a day can turn. So after a beautiful ceremony with family reunited Kevin and Elizabeth treated us to the sort of party that I’m sure will go down as legendary to all those who attended. However I don’t even need to explain that, you can just scroll down and see for yourself. With weddings like this one no one should ever wonder whether or not we love what we do. How could we not?

– Josh

Cake | European Cake Gallery
Celebrant | Father Ben Machmeier
Ceremony Musician | Krishan Oberoi
Ceremony Venue | The Immaculata Parish
DJ | Premier Entertainment
Florist | It’s More Than Just Flowers
Reception Venue | The Bali Hai Restaurant
Videographer | Your Day Films


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