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San Diego Elopement | Sara & Gilly

When we first got Sara’s email detailing her plan to “escape the polar vortex” to marry her partner Gilly in “the smallest tiniest least weddingy wedding ever,” we knew we had our hands on some awesome people. This fact was doubly cemented after Sara’s “really intense” friend suggested she send photos of her and Gilly so we’d know who we were photographing. After reporting to her that I received white boxes, she replied – “My bad. Classic struggle bus.”

So a few weeks later they flew in from their polar vortex to the mind numbing temperate weather of San Diego. We photographed their tiniest least weddingy wedding ever, followed up with a fun portrait session in La Jolla. Their love is real, and awesome, and most decidedly not a struggle bus.

Hope you two are enjoying that bumper sticker.

San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-01 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-02 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-03 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-04 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-05 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-06 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-07 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-08 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-09 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-10 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-11 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-12 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-13 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-14 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-15 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-16 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-17 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-18 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-19 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-20 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-21 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-22 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-23 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-24 San-Diego-Same-Sex-Elopement-25

  • Max - April 18, 2014 - 2:03 pm

    Wow! I love the light in these. Beautiful work you guys!ReplyCancel

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