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San Diego Headshot Photographer | Jessica

Towards the end of 2007 Melissa and I were visiting San Diego for the holidays. During these trips back to San Diego we’d try to spend as much time as we could with our friends Rachel and Justin. Rachel and Justin know a lot of great people, so invariably we would end up meeting someone new that we liked. During that 2007 trip we got to meet and hang out with Jessica at two different holiday parties. Jessica is fun, full of life, and just a genuinely nice person to be around. In addition to having great personality traits, she also has amazing skin. I know that might be construed as sort of a creeper statement to make about someone you just met- but this is how the inside of a photographer’s mind works. Usually I don’t immediately tell people I just meet how much I would love to photograph them, but I’m probably thinking it.

Flash forward to the year 2011. The Mitchells have moved to San Diego. While I was sad to leave my northern Jessicas (H & B) behind, I finally get to photograph San Diego Jessica! Jessica found a great urban industrial location to shoot in that was right up my alley, and after we played in the grunge for awhile we headed over to the USD campus which is pretty amazing.

– Josh


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