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Facebook profile photos are looked at by our friends, family, clients, and even perspective employers. Do any of these descriptive terms pop into your mind when browsing through a friend’s Facebook photos- blurry, out of focus, blown out, pixelated, grainy, washed out, and maybe just downright unflattering? I’ll be honest, what passes for a profile photo on Facebook these days isn’t always everyone’s best look. Of course I’m probably a little more photo critical than most, but you’re all beautiful people, why not look your best online? That’s why I’m declaring the month of July to be- Continuum Photography Facebook Profile Photo Month. Have we taken a photo of you? Put it up and be eligible to win the praise of of your friends and a free print! And after all, who doesn’t love a popularity contest?

Thanks to our intern Jacob for taking this shot of me and my real life Facebook icon.

Here’s how it works:
* Upload a photo of yourself as your Facebook profile photo that Continuum Photography took.
* Tag yourself.
* Tag the photographer who took it. If you’re not friends with us the links to our Facebook profiles are in our bios. We don’t bite I swear.
* Put a link to our website in the description.
* Ask for friends to like it if they like it!

* The photo must have our intact logo on it, and you must actually be in the photo.
* It can have our regular logo, the senior logo, or the Fauxtobooth logo.
* The photo must be your profile photo for at least 7 days, but the longer you leave it up the better your chances will be.
* Whoever has the most likes wins! Note: Liking your own photo is worth one point.
* The photo can be one that you may have already posted on your Facebook, but it has to be reposted with a time stamp in July 2011 to count.
* Remember you need to tag your photographer in your photo or there is no way for us to track your results!

What if we took a photo of you but you don’t have a copy of it?
Easy, feel free to contact me and I’ll track it down and provide you with one web optimized photo, free of charge.

What if I don’t have a profile photo shot by Continuum?
If you’re in the Portland metro area schedule a mini session with us today! We’ll also be in the Los Angeles and San Diego area in and around the weekend of July 23rd. If you’re in Southern California and would like to schedule a session please let us know. It might be a little late to get in on the contest, but it’s never too late to have awesome photos!

What do I get if I win?
The winner will receive a high quality Continuum print, finished with portrait glaze and mounted on archival artist board in a size of your choice up to 16×24! That’s a $375 value! And you will also know that you are actually the most popular person on Facebook.


And to everyone who has a Continuum photo on their profile on a regular basis, thank you! There’s nothing more that we love than see our photos representing you. Your support means the world to us!

– Josh


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