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Portland Portraits | Ashley Forrette

Recently my friend Ashley and I got together for a photowalk. That’s the term I use to describe when photographers hangout with cameras on their persons. For me I love meandering around a city with no particular destination in mind, or a time schedule to stick to. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was the first chance I really got to hang out with just Ashley on her own. A day full of maximum Ashley is no joke. Ashley brings a lot of personality to the yard. We seem to get along much like two first graders would, when boys and girls were supposed to publicly be at odds and throw rocks at one another at recess.  Didn’t we always really like those kids we threw rocks at?  So we’re a bit sarcastic with one another, and apparently something about me makes Ashley feel like bickering- yet we really are friends. All kidding aside, Ashley is someone you’d want on your side. In fact I dare say that not only do I respect her work a lot, but I am also really fond of Ashley too. Being around her is inspiring in a lot of ways. One of the big things about Ashley is when it comes to photography she pushes through fears. I don’t think I’d go as far as to say she’s fearless, because I don’t think anyone is, but she isn’t afraid to confront these fears. Me I’ve always been a bit cautious by nature, and my true photographic spirit has always yearned to be reckless and daring- it’s just a slow process for me to get better at. Ashley’s “do it do it” philosophy is something I need more of, and I hope it rubs off on me. This photowalk of ours turned into more of an impromptu walking portrait session, and I really had a great time. She didn’t mind being photographed- which always surprises me a little with people when the plan wasn’t necessarily just me photographing them. And she also didn’t hesitate to photograph me whenever she wanted to. My favorites from the day where the last few where the light was golden and perfect. Hopefully Portland’s lame excuse for a summer lasts a little longer than average so I can get a few more photowalks in with AF before it’s nonstop rain again. In conclusion, to all you photographers out there who get totally wrapped up in weddings or whatever is paying the bills, don’t lose sight of your love for taking photos for the sake of taking photos. Organize those photowalks! Make the time to find creativity. And as Ashley would say, “do it.”

– Josh

  • Ryan - July 16, 2011 - 7:18 am

    Love the Ash-stache!ReplyCancel

    • admin - July 16, 2011 - 7:24 am

      Might make your upper lip a little itchy, but a lot of fun to photograph.ReplyCancel

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