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Rockstar Wedding Photographer Going Away Party

Top rated world renown rockstar photographer Joni Schrantz had a going away get together, and I decided to bring my camera because I am the only person who ever brings a camera to these things. If I didn’t do it they would never get documented. You’d figure that when the world’s best photographers get together that more than one of them would have a camera… but I digress. Joni is officially Denver bound. We saw her off first at the Roadside Attraction in the southeast. I like the name of that place but that’s about it. I mean if you are into second hand smoke it’s pretty awesome, but what can I say I’m a hater.  When we all started getting hungry Biliana (a neuroscientist and not a photographer) suggested we head to the Green Dragon which is indoors, and had an awesome happy hour.  I like nights like this… and especially since I got my Sigma 50mm back from repair (another story altogether).  The first shots in black and white are all wide open at 6400 ISO.  The green dragon also had slightly nicer lighting, hence the color photos.  Travel well Joni, we’ll see you at WPPI in our fully comp’d suite thanks to Marc.

– Josh

Bili and Lilli above.

We told her to hurry up and finish, we were hungry.

Somewhat chilly walk to the Green Dragon.

Above 3 images by Marc Rotse of Moving Picture Weddings.  Processed by Continuum.  Left to right: Sara May, Bili, Kelly Ann & Peter Chee.

We used the Photo Calc depth of file calculator to try and get Marc’s eyes parallel with Melissa’s so he might be in focus for this shot, but he kept moving around…


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