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Fine Art Canvas Sale | April

I’ve found myself repeating a statement a lot lately, “it’s a shame that more photos don’t get printed.” I say that constantly, yet I haven’t really made a conscious effort to organize my work well enough to make it easy for people interested in having it on their walls to get it there. So I’ve decided that once a month I’m going to do a post of 10 photos that I think will look great on a wall. All of the photos will be available as a canvas gallery wrap. Why canvas? Well I’ve always liked canvases, and they are awesome because they are a one shot deal. I can show you the photo as it was intended to be seen without cropping, and you don’t have to worry about a frame. We have a fantastic new company doing our canvases that offers the highest quality product we’ve seen on the market at a great price, so we can pass on the savings to our clients.

Canvases all come standard with the following features:
* Durable construction. These canvases will look as tight and flat as the day they were made thanks to a solid face construction that keeps the canvas supported and free from loosening or deforming over time.
* 1-1/4″ depth.  The image literally will wrap around the sides, or if you prefer a custom border edge can be done in black, white, or any color you desire.
* Perfect corners. This was always a big complaint from some of the previous companies we’ve used. These canvases feature a no bulge corner.
* Ready to hang with a finished black backer board. The hanging hardware is pre-installed.
* Ships in 7 business days
* Printed on genuine artist canvas with an exceptional fade resistance. Colors are accurate and vibrant.
* Every canvas is finished with a clear acrylic coating providing an extremely scratch resistant protective layer.

Available sizes & Pricing:
12×18 – $79
16×24 – $99
20×30 – $129
24×36 – $159
30×40 – $199

note: our pricing is lower than Canvas on Demand, and the quality is in my modest opinion – 1000 times better.

These photos below are the first in our brand new old Etsy store that we’ve set up just to be the place to go for fine art prints.  Our new canvas pricing of course applies to any photo you’d like, so if you have a favorite we’ve taken that you’d like to have as a canvas just email us at and tell us what you’d like to see!  Just click on this link and save your walls from boredom!


“Life.”  This photo was taken in a canola field somewhere west of Portland in May of 2010.  My friend Whitney has a knack for finding interesting photo locations, and those are her hands sticking up in the flowers.  This photo always puts me in a good mood.

“Cherry Blossoms.”  One of my favorite spring time photos.  Taken in February of 2010 in SE Portland.

“CB.” The photo on the left was taken on an August day in 2009 in Chicago’s south loop.  I love urban architecture and am a big fan of the different linear aspects of this photo.  “Sea Grass.”  The photo on the right was taken at Cannon Beach in Oregon in late 2010.  The famous Haystacks are blurred out in the distance.

“Frozen Harmonics.”  Ever been to Chicago?  Resting on the edge of Lake Michigan you can never get the full city skyline in a frame, but this is one of my favorite vantage points taken from Belmont Harbor.  The texture in the water is actually ice, and on this particular night the ice was beginning to break up and rub against itself creating a harmonic tone that to me sounded like a cross between crickets and wind chimes. Taken in February of 2009.

“Shades of the Highway.”  This was taken somewhere in central California.  I took it from the car with a manual focus tilt/shift lens at about 80mph. Don’t get too impressed, I’m sure it’a s fluke.  December 2010.

“I will never know you.” I’ve spent a lot of time riding the trains in Chicago, and one of the things that always struck me is how you’d see so many different faces everyday, making the same commute with a group of anonymous strangers that you’ll never know or recognize.  Taken in June of 2008.

“The Orchard.”  The photo on the left was taken at the Woodburn tulip festival in Oregon.  I know you’re probably wondering where the tulips are, but the adjacent orchard was a lot more visually interesting to me.  Taken in April 2010.  “Remember.”  In March of 2008 as I was about to exit my train I noticed a post it note left on the glass partition near the door of the car I was in.  Such a simple and heavy concept left on a piece of sticky paper that we use as reminders.  It stuck me as profound and I took the photo.

“Yellow.”  Not all photos have to have deep meanings behind them.  This macro shot of a flower that I randomly saw walking around Oak Park, Illinois one day just looked vibrant to me.



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