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Philadelphia Engagement Session | Humaira & Vikas

Destination engagement sessions aren’t something I get to do everyday, but it seems like at least once or twice a year fate and the glory of the internet connects us with a couple who do not live close to us. Humaira and Vikas are actually getting married in Boston later this year, it’s going to be a multi-day event that we’re excited to shoot with our pal Marc Rotse and crew from Moving Picture Weddings. However before the big party starts they wanted to do an engagement session in Philadelphia, the city where they met. I had never been to Philadelphia before so it sounded like a great excuse to visit a new city. My impressions of Philadelphia were that it had a lot of similarities to Chicago and Boston, and I needed more time to explore! After the engagement session I had some downtime the following day, but it was raining pretty heavily and it dampened my enthusiasm for adventure. Luckily on the day scheduled for the shoot the promised thunderstorms never materialized until much later in the evening. Humaira and Vikas are the most thorough engagement session planners I’ve ever worked with, and we only had enough time to do a few of the many awesome locations they picked out. But I’m pretty excited about the places we did go. They may not have been as traditional as the Liberty Bell or the Rocky steps, but they were all photogenic and fun to shoot in. Before this session we had only met via Skype, so it was awesome to meet these two in person. This post might be a little longer than normal for an engagement, but it was also a little trip for me too so I figured I’d combine a few things.

– Josh

The above photos are all iPhone Instagram shots from the day I flew in.  If you’re interested in following my Instagram I’m “joshuacmitchell” on there, and here is a link to my gallery.  We actually do have an official Continuum Instagram but we tend to update our personal ones more.  I can’t promise it to be very exciting, but I promise to not hashtag anything #instadork.

I met Humaira and Vikas at the hotel, and after lunch we took one of Philadelphia’s weird subway cars to our first spot.  They are sort of like underground buses.  Strange!

Our first stop was the University of Pennsylvania.  I wonder how many ladies have sat on Ben’s lap?

Alright so we had ONE super iconic Philadelphia shot to do!

So the story goes that Vikas had an epic picnic planned the day he was going to propose to Humaira, but got totally rained out.  So we had a tribute picnic to commemorate.

Probably the coolest location for me was Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.  It was a big crazy art mosaic that you can walk around in.  Very cool.

Due to time constraints we were in cabs a lot.

These two shared their first kiss at Zee Bar.  The guys there let us in early before anyone was there to take these shots.  How awesome is that?

Philadelphia’s clock tower at the City Hall building was awesome at night.  Later they treated me to the best gourmet burger ever.  This is what happens when two people with sophisticated tastes in food hire a photographer who eats off of the kids menu.

And of course all good things have to come to an end.  These are a few random iPhone shots from the following day.  It always seems so much longer to travel back home!


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