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West Loop & Downtown Chicago Bridal Party Photos | Robin & Ryan Pt.3

Robin and Ryan picked some fantastic locations to shoot their inspired bridal portraits all over Chicago’s loop. There isn’t anything much better than getting to shoot a wedding for a couple as fun loving and creative as Robin and Ryan are, except of course when you factor in the awesome group of people that comprised their bridal party. We always appreciate an easy going and enthusiastic bridal party. Special thanks to Robin and Ryan for being so involved in the location selection, and giving us the perfect amount of time to get all of the great spots. We think it reflects well in the photos. We were able to get photos from multiple West Loop locations, the Kinzie Street Bridge, and the Agora sculpture. Enjoy!

– Josh

bridal party arm in arm in the west loop fun bridal part looks on as couple kisses bridesmaids watch the bride and groom groomsmen watch the bride and groom entire bridal party against a brick wall hip bridal party poses on brick wall pretty bridesmaids check out the bride bridal party single file faces opposite directions bride bridal party blurred out in background robin and ryan kiss stylish bridal party bridal party hangs out at the ashland green line el stop girls at kinzie street bridge guys give ryan the hairy eyeball at the kinzie street bridge groom and groomsman under the kinzie street bridge bridal party at the agora in the agora in chicago carrying the usherettes excited and fun loving bridal party bridal party waiting for the bus on michigan avenue


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