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Robin & Ryan: Married! Pt.4 [Portland Wedding Photographer]

Robin and Ryan’s wedding just increased in fun as the day turned to night. A poignant ceremony, a great cocktail hour full of unique details, a fantastic Hotel Allegro dinner with a twinkie topped cake, and followed up with our favorite Toast and Jam DJ Laura keeping the party going well into the night!

– Josh

dad walking daughter down the aisle and her groom three moments from a ceremony at hotel allegro in chicago place settings and origami a break for the bride and groom after the ceremony more cocktail hour details continuum photography twinkie cake topper place setting details old horror movie table numbers the first dance hey buddy you dancing to the latest hits getting the reception dancing started the famous birdseye view magenta gelled off camera flash funking dancing at the hotel allegro chicago friends having a great time at the wedding reception raining blood by slayer gets played during the reception an outro in feet


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