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Robin & Ryan: Married! Pt.2 [Portland Wedding Photographer]

Here we are back at the party room at the Hotel Allegro in Chicago where Melissa covered Ryan and his groomsmen busy preparing themselves for the big day. That is after they got done playing pool. Check out the style fest with the hot suits, imaginative cufflinks, and Converse All-Stars. This wedding definitely had style!

– Josh

groom striking a pose in the hotel allegro party room groom playing pool at hotel allegro a groomsman juggles billiard balls groom ryan putting on his suit groom getting ready for the tie groom checking out his reflection in the mirror groom lacing up the converse the groom dresseed in a 3 piece suit groomsman tying his tie what the heck is going on here? assisting with the cuff a groomsman puts on his tie a groomsman checks out his reflection in the mirror putting on the cufflinks awesome unique comic book and video game inspired cufflinks groom groom groomsman converse all-stars for the guys groom getting his pool game on


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