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Eric & Emily | Sentimental Ring Shot.

Josh told me today that he really enjoys photographing the rings at weddings. This is something I think he’s sort of known for. Josh always makes time to meticulously arrange the rings at every wedding we shoot and he hovers over them for several minutes trying to insure the focus is just right with our Nikon 45 mm Tilt-Shift/macro lens. Usually I’m holding a remote flash patiently waiting for him to get it just right. The results, in my opinion, are spectacular. This ring shot is especially significant to me and my family. I love my husband even more for understanding it’s importance and going out of his way to dream up the concept and make it happen.

As a general rule, children adore their grandparents. I look at the light in my nephew’s eyes every time my mother walks into the room. As a two year old, I believe he would like nothing more then to be permanently attached to his Nanna’s hip. I remember having similar feelings about my grandparents (Nanny & Pop Pop) as a young child. I believed they were the key to my happiness, I could not wait to spend more time with them. And boy did they spoil us. My brothers and I had no shortage of amazing times with them on the Narragansett Bay boating, clamming, beaching. I have the best childhood memories of them.

Sadly, last year we lost my Nanny to lung cancer and only six months later lost my Pop Pop in a tragic car accident. You always think they will be here forever and that you have more time but the fact of the matter is life is short and every moment is precious. So last weekend at my brothers wedding to his amazing bride Emily, there was a bitter sweetness to their event knowing that two of the most influential people in our lives were missing.

Right before my grandmother passed away my grandfather gifted my brother with his antique pocket watch that had been given to him by his father. It was my grandfather’s intention that Eric would someday give the watch to Hayden (his son). A few months later at Christmas, Eric had stated his intentions to marry Emily but could not afford an engagement ring at the time. My grandfather picked up on his plight and tearfully handed him my grandmother’s diamond ring. Eric purposed to Emily on the spot in front of my family in an emotional engagement I’ll never forget.

Emily, who has an old and dear soul, choose not to alter the ring and keep in it’s original condition. I love her even more for this because I remember my grandmother living her life in that ring. Gardening, Clamming, Cooking… she was never afraid to get dirty. As a family, we will always look at that ring and remember her.

So Josh arranged to have the pocket watch secretly lifted from my brother’s home so he could photograph Emily’s ring along with it. This photograph is so much more than a artsy ring shot, it’s like a family portrait of two very special people who couldn’t make it to the wedding in person but were definitely there in spirit. I hope Eric loves this photo as much as we do. We really wanted it to be a surprise.

Dear Brother, we love you both and hope with all hopes that you have the most amazing life together.


  • Lauren - June 18, 2010 - 3:01 pm

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