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Photo Stories | Solemn Hands

Have you ever worked for a company that just plain sucked? Well unfortunately before I started doing photography full time, I worked for a few pretty horrible businesses. Now I won’t go into any specifics here, but before we ended up leaving Seattle, Melissa and I took a chance on working for a place that just did not pan out whatsoever for us. Definitely a mistake on our part, but also something that set certain wheels in motion and now here we are doing what we want to do. So that part is good.

This particular photo was taken after a company Christmas party in early December of 2006. I’ll keep names out of it, but the subject in this shot is the guy I worked under, who had been busting his ass for said lousy company, trying to get a new department profitable. His drive and work ethic were admirable. Yet for some reason the company president decided to give him the same Christmas bonus everyone else got, even though he was working twice as hard as the majority of employees. It was probably as demoralizing for us to witness that, as it was for him to have to deal with it. A few of us had decided to hang out at a restaurant a bit after the party, where I took this.

As a side note I have always been drawn to hands, and how people arrange them. Hands can often reflect people’s moods, and that’s one thing I closely look for while shooting events.

I’m not sure if my friend still works for said lousy company, but if he does I hope they’ve learned to appreciate him more. Maybe he managed to escape the clutches of their evil tyranny. Looking back at photographs like this reminds me that I’m very glad to be doing what I’m doing.

– Josh

Nikon D70 | Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D
f/1.4 | 1/50s | ISO 1600 | Aperture Priority


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