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Mississippi District Lifestyle Photography | Genna & Kim

You may remember Kim Kogane (Fresh Tangerine) and Genna Hall (DeLuxe DeLovely) from our previous post on their latest jewelry lines. We decided to do a casual portrait session on Mississippi Avenue in NE Portland a few weeks ago just to focus a little more on the artists and less on the fancy jewels themselves. I haven’t known Genna or Kim all that long, but they’ve pretty much gone from zero to adored in a very very short time. They have a really neat sisterly bond that is heart warming to be around. You’d almost think they are sisters by blood, to the extent of finishing sentences, having inside jokes inside the inside jokes, and generally sharing the same brain. They met in 2005 at Willamette University in an English class, but seemed to really have bonded during their time in the French Foreign Legion. While we had hoped for a warmer, sunnier day, if you’re from Portland you know that especially this year you take what you can get! You’ll definitely be seeing more of these two in coming posts!

– Josh

P.S.  I was joking about the Legion.  They did study abroad in France, but did not take place in any commando raids.


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