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Hello internet, Continuum Life here.

One of the issues we have with maintaining a blog as our primary website is our desire to keep relevant current work on the pages (i.e. weddings and engagements), while still having the opportunity to post our non-work related photography as well as talk about non-industry related stuff.  So, we created Continuum Life to be a sounding board for our lives.  Not that we are stating that our lives are fabulously interesting (we’ll let the audience be the judge of that), but we do sort of have unique existence in that our hobbies are also our careers (and number one passion).  So you may have noticed I moved a post about our friend Leah that I put up on Continuum’s main site over here, since I felt it better fit into the category of our new experiment.

So for this official inaugural post I decided to put up a series of photos I took a few weeks ago of my friend Whitney in a very random canola field she found to the west of Portland.  In posts to come you can expect to see all sorts of our “on the side” photography.  If you ever see anything you’d like to purchase a print of, just let me know.  We will likely be incorporating some sort of fine art sales into this side of Continuum in the near future.  You can also expect more of the random over here, and not always just photography.  So if you are interested in getting to know our sometimes off-kilter personalities feel free to add this to your RSS feed or “like” our fan page on Facebook.

– Josh

  • Sarah - May 22, 2010 - 8:33 am

    LOVE this … the colours are pretty amazing, and I’m kind of in love with that hands up in the air in the middle of a freaking canola field awesomeness!ReplyCancel

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