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Crystal Bowersox Runner-up American Idol Season 9

I am not an American Idol watcher.  I will admit to having seen my share of the search phase of the show where they find some of the weirdest people on the planet to try out, but I’ve never followed a season or cheered any particular contestant on.  I did however want Crystal Bowersox to win, simply based on the one photograph I took of her in 2007 in a subway station in Chicago.  I don’t remember exactly what she was singing, but it takes something special for me to stop in the middle of my route home and photograph a stranger in a subway.  I didn’t even know she was on the show until that photo started getting more hits on Flickr, and I eventually put two and two together.  It’s too bad they didn’t vote her into that number one slot, but I’m sure she’ll go far now that she got her big break.  Kind of amazing the path life can take someone, from singing for commuters in a subway station to singing for millions of people across the world.  Congratulations Crystal!

– Josh


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