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Little Big Burger Portland

Portland’s Little Big Burger hasn’t been around long, but it’s quickly become a Continuum favorite. The first and foremost thing that sets Little Big Burger apart is the quality.  The burgers may fall into a “fast food” category, but the ingredients are high quality and you can really taste the difference. The beef is cooked perfectly medium, with other temperatures being available on request.  The brief menu makes ordering simple and efficient.  Pick your cheese, pick your drink, fries or no fries, and wait for them to make it to order.  I think a lot of burger joints make the mistake of having expansive menus, instead of just focusing on a couple of things they do really well.  LBB definitely has that figured out… the burgers are good, and the fries infused with white truffle oil are noteworthy as well.  The fries are a little on the spendy side, probably due to the truffle oil, but when combined with the Camden’s Fry Sauce the taste seems well worth the expense.  Despite the appearance of the burger being little, they actually are using 1/4lb. patties, they are just small and thick instead of being flattened out.  This makes it much easier to actually not have a well-done piece of leather as an end result.  The interior is small, so I’d recommend staying away from peak meal hours if you want to be able to grab a seat.  My only two minor complaints about LBB are the ventilation system (you will smell like a big burger when you leave), and the price.  For a cheeseburger, fries, and soda, you’re looking at $8.25.  Slightly spendy in comparison to some other fast burger joints in the city, but definitely the most gourmet of the pack.  All in all, if you’re a burger person looking for a new taste in Portland, check out Little Big Burger.

– Josh



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