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Photo Stories | Traveling In Solitude

I’ve always enjoyed travel by rail, there is an element of poetry to it that you simply do not get with air travel.  The longest trip I’ve ever personally taken on a train was from Chicago to Los Angeles many years ago when I had a friend who worked for Amtrak who managed to get me a free ride.  That sort of trip now with a sleeper car would be pretty expensive and time consuming.  Melissa and I recently took a similar trip from Portland to Los Angeles, but unfortunately Melissa was not in love with the motion of the train, and the accommodations were considerably less comfortable than I remembered.  I would however still recommend the experience to anyone who has not taken a long train trip before.

This shot was taken a few days before my birthday in 2009.  Occasionally life changes in big ways, and the images you’ve associated with certain people, feelings, or moments in your life can take on other meanings entirely. Sometimes we need to re-associate an image in order to take back a photograph that we love that may be tagged on to a memory we don’t.  Some photos can have meanings beyond specific moments. For me this is one of those photos.  I love the steam billowing from the car, illustrating how cold it was that night.  The odd green tint of the window, making the interior of the cabin seem otherworldly.  And of course the lone solitary figure waiting for trip to resume.

– Josh

Nikon D3 | Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D
f/8 | 1/10s | ISO 3600 | Manual


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