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Photo Stories | Britnee In The Mirror

When Melissa and I left Seattle in 2007 to move to Chicago we decided to take a road trip to my hometown of San Diego, before actually heading to our final destination of Chicago.  Not exactly on the way of course, but we had the time and it was winter so it seemed easier (and safer) to take a southern route.  Although the intention was avoiding inclement weather, we somehow managed to pick the day Portland was having a rare snowstorm.  About an hour away from Portland we encountered some very lousy driving conditions, but we managed to make it in alright, and the worst of it seemed to be outside the city.

Now it just so happened that in 2007, Britnee Jean, a friend of mine that I had never met in person was living in Portland.  We ended up spending a few hours with Britnee and her girlfriends that night before passing through.  3 years later Britnee is no longer living in Portland and I have sadly only seen her once since that night, but we’ve remained in touch with each other thanks to our friend the internet.  The other day we were chatting (yes I am from the AOL era), and Britnee revealed we may get to see her towards the end of the month.  Yay for visitations!  That’s what got me thinking about this particular photo taken that night, when Britnee was driving us to Voodoo Donuts for the first time.  You see back then in 2007 pulling off a digital photo at 3200 ISO and getting a usable result wasn’t an easy feat.  3 years later the sensors have doubled and tripled their sensitivity, and the same shot wouldn’t really be a big deal.  Of course it means more when you are there in the backseat of the ice encrusted car, on your way to get weird shaped late night donuts with Britnee’s eyes in the rearview mirror.

– Josh

Nikon D200 | Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX C HSM
f/1.4 | 1/125s | 3200 ISO | Aperture Priority


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