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Santeria | saying goodbye to rockstar photographer Yasmin Khajavi

The worst part about leaving a city are the friends that you don’t get to see on a regular basis anymore. It’s not like we are dying, moving to another planet, or never going to be in Portland again. We already have multiple events on the books for 2012 and would love to do more. Most of our friends here we chat with online and keep up with on Facebook.  Logically it takes the edge off of separations, but I still will miss them and the proximity.  I’ll miss Yasmin’s big smiles, cheerfulness, and rib cracking hugs.  We had dinner with her and her husband Aaron (winking at you down below) at Santeria, a hard to find little hole in the wall Mexican place that was actually pretty good.  I wish I had found it a bit earlier, but I am about to live footsteps away from the Mexican food of my dreams. Later Yas, we’ll see you when you VISIT.  Hint.

– Josh


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