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Oregon Coast: February Photowalk Highlights

I am always a few months behind on posting stuff. Back in February BJ and I headed out on an early morning trip with a couple of volunteer tour guides to the spectacular Oregon coast. My friend Whitney was the point woman on this excursion, we had met a few months earlier through Flickr. She also brought along her man Dave, a fellow San Diego expatriate. I call Whitney, “Whitnipedia” due to her impressive database of Oregon facts that she keeps stuffed in her brain. She knew/knows all sorts of interesting Oregon area stuff to photograph so I think I’ll keep her around. Whitney is also somewhat of a Polaroid celebrity, which I came to the realization of when she tagged herself in some of the photos I posted on my own Flickr. Shortly thereafter I was added by a ton of Polaroid enthusiasts on Flickr. Despite this being a bit different from our normal wedding posts I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of the things I like to photograph in my off time. In addition to the impressive scenery, BJ and I were testing out some hot new flash tricks for the 2010 season. Think you might want a portrait session? Let us know ASAP! Also if you think you might like a gigantor print from this trip hanging on your wall it can totally be arranged. If you miss the impossibly tiny shopping cart link at the bottom of the slideshow controls, don’t hesitate to click here if you’d like to buy a print!

– Josh


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