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La Mesa Village Christmas Celebration

La Mesa’s Village Christmas celebration seemed like an appropriate Christmas Eve post. Melissa and I have moved around the holidays three years in a row now, making it a bit rough on actually relaxing and enjoying the season. It does however feel good to be in San Diego. We’ve officially settled in La Mesa, mere blocks from the first house I ever lived in. It’s a bit of a surreal trip down memory lane. And while La Mesa isn’t exactly the center of what’s hip and happening in San Diego, it does have a quaint little downtown area called “the Village,” that is very walkable from our current location. We’re at that stage in a move where everything is unpacked, put away, but photos still need to be hung and decorating still needs to be completed. Not “retail ready” quite yet, but I’ll take some pictures when we’re to that point.

In the meantime here are a few photos from the annual La Mesa Village celebration of Christmas. To be honest it’s a lot like Oktoberfest, minus beer garden, add Santa. There is no snow or even cold weather in San Diego (despite what others describe as the coldest winter EVER), but they definitely get points for trying to make it as Christmasy as possible. We definitely miss our Portland friends, but it’s been nice being so close to my mom and my close friends from high school. And we’re hoping that we continue to make more connections with the folks in the San Diego wedding industry.

Anyhow, happy holidays from Continuum Photography!

– Josh


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