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Habit Burger Mission Valley San Diego

The Habit Burger Grill in San Diego’s Mission Valley area became the target of our burger craving today. I had asked my Facebook crew for suggestions on where the best places were in San Diego, and got a variety of responses. Most of the suggestions were for north county places, and Melissa and I didn’t really want to stray to far from our mesa. For some reason Habit Burger popped into my mind. We had eaten there once after a wedding in the LA area. I actually don’t remember being wowed by the particular location we first tried, but I did make a mental note to try it out again. We headed out to their Mission Valley location today, and pretty much ordered the basics- charburgers with cheese, fries with ranch, and drinks.

Before I get into the meal itself, let’s talk aesthetics and environment. It seems like the new trend in burger joints is to go with a hip and more modern look in their interiors. The Habit is no exception. We ended up finding a comfortable booth near the front. The Habit is also super clean. I visited the restroom to wash my hands and it was spotless.

Order taking was relatively painless. They do list off the ingredients rather rapidly so it probably would help if you’d been there once before to know what they normally put on it. The charburger (single patty) is what we had. I don’t think cheese is standard, so we made a point to order that. They also include lettuce, tomato, mayo, and one of my least favorite things- grilled onions. Grilled onions remind me of earthworms, so I opted out. Service was fast, and we didn’t have to wait long for our meal.

My very minor complaints are that they didn’t put mustard on the burger, which I assumed was on there and I forgot to ask about. I was too lazy to get up and get any though, I’m sure they probably had it. Second mild complaint as that they put too much mayo on the burgers. Although Melissa did make a point that it was at least actually good mayo that they were using. Next time I’ll remember to specify light on that. Those minor complaints aside, everything else was great. What most impressed me is that despite it being a relatively thin patty, they still managed to get it done medium. Most places that use thin patties serve up the meat completely nuclear. Melissa smartly had gotten sides of their ranch dressing for the fries. Not sure if they make the dressing from scratch or get it from somewhere else, but it was a good ranch.

As we were sitting there eating one of the guys working there (perhaps a manager, not sure) asked me about my camera. And instead of giving me a hard time for taking photos or being weird about it, he encouraged me to make a post to Yelp and share my experience. That shows a confidence that I can appreciate. He also dragged out three of the girls from behind the counter to pose for a photo, which you’ll see below. Oh, and he also gave me a ticket for a free burger! That definitely created a fan in me.

Best part about the whole thing was the price. I think our two combos may have been slightly more expensive than the comparable meal at In-N-Out (which I am also a fan of), but the burgers were honestly A LOT better. Not only that but the atmosphere is way more laid back and pleasurable to eat in. So I think I have a new habit. HA.

– Josh



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