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Long Exposures in Portland Oregon

While my main photographic love is taking photos of people, a close second has always been long exposure night photography in urban settings.  It’s pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum in approach, which might be what I find so appealing about it.  It’s hard for me to put exactly into words what it feels like if you’ve never done it.  On the one hand there is a heightened sense of awareness about your surroundings, because even if you aren’t photographing something in an area considered dangerous your vision is impaired, and listening to your surroundings is the best way to avoid trouble.  On the other hand there is a wonderful stillness about the late night when the rest of the world is mostly asleep.  I’ve always been a night person, so for me I feel very connected with life when I am out at night taking photos.  One of the coolest things about night photography is that for the most part you need very little specialized equipment to do it.  Just a camera, a tripod, and a remote shutter release.  If you are in the Portland area and are interested in joining me for a night outing, or a one on one mentoring session where I teach you the tricks of the trade, just drop me a line!  Since being in Portland I have gone out on a few occasions (definitely not enough), and these are some of my favorites from those nights.

– Josh


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