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Photo Stories | Snowfall In the Ink of the Night

I’m starting up a new thing on Life called, “Photo Stories.”  Pretty simple actually, just going to upload a favorite photo of mine and provide a little insight into its creation.  To kick it off I selected a photo taken January 25th, 2008 near Belmont Harbor in Chicago.  I am not much of a warm weather person, in fact unlike many I actually enjoyed Chicago winters to a certain extent.  The winter is also pretty fantastic to photograph in my opinion…  ice, snow, stark contrasts.  Good stuff.  And as Melissa and I are sitting here at a Panera waiting for a thunderstorm to clear out in 90˚ Chicago I felt this photo was appropriate.

Fuji S5 | Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6
f/4.0 | 1 second | 500 ISO | Manual

The interesting thing about this shot (to me anyhow) is that it was lit with an SB-800 flash off camera using a SC-29 TTL cord. This is how I was able to capture the snow falling. I do miss the camaraderie of my Hoth Photography team. And as always: prints are available!

– Josh


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