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Portland PUG [Pictage User Group] Indoor Lighting Techniques

Last month Melissa and I attended a meeting put on by our friend Kevin Meyers.  Kevin runs the Portland PUG meetings, and last month they were discussing some interesting business topics. Eventually though most of these sorts of meetings drift towards the topic that is on most photographers minds… GEAR. We got to talking about multi flash indoor lighting setups for group portraits, and it seemed like most in the room were not accustomed to working with those. Melissa and I shoot a lot in Chicago, which tends to be predominantly indoors. Most of our group portraits are done right after the ceremony in large dark churches. So we learned pretty quickly that in order to get decent results with low noise that multi flash setups were the way to go. We offered to teach our ways to the group during the next meeting. Kevin found a room that had some horrible mixed light and a weird wall color… perfect for experiments like these.  Once the group shot was done, we ended up talking about and demo-ing some other indoor lighting techniques.  A few of the participants agreed to pose for a shot with a favorite flash diffuser of mine, the Lumiquest Softbox III.

– Josh

Here I am demonstrating the extremely useful universal translator which eliminates the pc sync port in favor of a much more reliable minijack connection. Read the Strobist article, they explain it better. Yes my shirt is wrinkled.

Here is the group shot of us. Too many names and websites for me to tackle… sorry guys.

Marc Rotse (website forthcoming), posed a couple of times for me as we broke out the Lumiquest Softbox III. I couldn’t decide which was the better angle so I put them both up.

We made the lovely Juliana Patrick lose her glasses and take her hair down for this shot.

Yasmin Khajavi is extremely photogenic, despite not copping to this fact.

Typically I don’t use the softbox for multiple subjects, but this photo of Marc and Yasmin turned out well.

And although completely unrelated (shot in natural light), I had to get a shot of Kevin up here who graciously puts these meetings on for us.

  • tyler - July 2, 2010 - 12:07 am

    Pics look good, especially the ones of yas!!ReplyCancel

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