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Leah Lichy Chicago Massage Doula

I am not pregnant. This hopefully is not shocking news to anyone. However if any of you Chicago people are expecting, or know of someone who is, I can personally vouch for the healing powers of Leah’s hands. Leah also does regular massage in addition to her MAMAssage. All my brides are totally rad, but Leah is an exceptional sort of awesome that I’m not articulate enough in words to describe here. So I think the whole city of Chicago should immediately book her for a massage. The photo below is one I took of her during her engagement session, and she is every bit as nice in person as she looks in her photos. I have actually have had one of Leah’s massages before, and she worked out all of my photography back knots (no small task). So this is a personal endorsement from personal experience. Hmm, I should schedule more massages after my weddings, those lenses aren’t getting any lighter. You can check out her new website here!

– Josh

Leah Koop Lichy the Chicagoland Massage Doula


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