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La Jolla Engagement Session | Krystal & Curt

Nurses pretty much rock my world. Until I actually had some experiences at hospitals I never gave it a ton of thought. After going through a death in the family, and experiencing a birth with some friends I was convinced that the real heroes in the medical industry are nurses. The other plus for photographing nurses is if you are seriously injured your odds of survival are much higher. Not that I take things that far to the extreme, but I did have a broken toe at one session this year. Krystal and Curt would have been able to amputate and surgically implant a bionic replacement had it happened again. To give you an idea about how awesome and fun these two were, I offer you some quotes from their original email to us:

“My super awesome man friend and I are getting hitched.”

“We’re both nurses (ER and Trauma ICU) so, naturally, we talk about bodily functions a lot.”

“We are masters of the movie quote and never pass up the opportunity for a “That’s what she said” moment.”

Another bonus for photographing nurses, you can crack a joke about romantic catheterizations and someone will giggle.

Hair and makeup by the ridiculously awesome and incredibly short Cheriene!


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