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Jen & Kevin | Engaged!

Josh and I had the opportunity to meet Jen and Kevin for the very first time a few weeks ago in Chicago for their engagement shoot. Because we are primarily destination photographers now that’s often how it goes for us. We exchange a few emails and maybe chat over the phone a couple times but never get to put a face with the personality until all the papers are signed and we’re set to shoot their wedding. I’m blown away that so many people trust us to shoot the most special day of their lives without actually meeting in person. It’s truly an honor. So I was really excited to meet in person the people who we’d bonded with over the computer. I knew right from the beginning that Jen was going to be fun and her finance would have to have a heck of a sense of humor to keep up with her. Jen and Kevin did not disappoint. They were a blast to photograph and hang out with. They were super playful, a little goofy, and pretty romantic. We never had to que these two to kiss or be sweet to each other. They did that all on their own.

It’s always our goal to build a rapport with our clients and quickly gauge their personalities so we can begin to capture who they really are as a couple. That’s what makes what we do so great. We could shoot an engagement session every day in the same location but the results would never be the same because the couple always brings something different to the table. We feel so blessed to get to do what we love for a living and hang out with new and interesting people all the time.

I’m really excited to see these two in October for their Chicago wedding. It’s sure to be memorable. For now, enjoy some of the highlights of their West Loop engagement shoot in downtown Chicago.



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